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While many question whether individuals are groomed to become leaders, Dr. Erica L. Anthony, Ph.D. was born to lead others.  With 15 years of experience with student, non-profit, and large organizations, Erica offers leadership development through coaching, training, and consulting.  As Founder and CEO, her focus is to improve the success of her clients by ensuring they focus on the necessary skills for their growth and development.   

Although Erica's background and achievements are impressive, she continually strives to acquire new skills and knowledge.  She has an earned Doctorate in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from Purdue University and is an accredited Personal and Executive Coach.  She also has a MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Illinois



Our mission is to help unpolished high-potential professionals reach their maximum potential by advancing the understanding, practice, and development of their leadership skills.

Vision & Values:
- We believe in putting our clients first;
- We will keep the spirit of innovation alive at Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC by creating and  providing new programs and services as new modes of working with professional leaders;
- We will create and maintain a “learning and teaching” environment that allows us to both capture and share our knowledge to professionals, practitioners, and researchers;
- We are intentional about fostering productive partnerships in our programs and services; and
- We are committed to having a strong presence in the communities in which we work.


Innovation is the foundation for success.  Our company is devoted to providing professional services that will strengthen your relationships and ultimately enhance your productivity.

Our team of professionals possess extensive coaching, research, and consulting experience.  Our clients can trust that our subject matter experts are knowledgeable and able to provide the tools to maximize and accelerate their leadership development and innovative initiatives.


Institute of Technology.  Furthermore, she is a board member for the Chesapeake Bay Trust and has previously served as a Board of Director with the YWCA of Greater Kansas City and the National Society of Black Engineers.  Erica's accomplishments, along with her commitment to assist others with their leadership development, have led her to founding Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC....her purpose and passion.

Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC is a full-service coaching and leadership development firm that focuses on innovative leadership techniques for unpolished high-potential professional leaders.  Our talented team consist of professional coaches, as well as, academic and subject matter experts that bring a wealth of knowledge to our work.  Here at Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC, we discover what's necessary to achieve innovation and we share that with our clients.